Destin To Biloxi On A Bus (132)

TripSeveral years ago Sharon and I took a day trip on a bus from Destin to a Biloxi casino and were in no way pleased with the trip. The bus was uncomfortable and we made about 5 stops to pick up individuals and it seemed like we spent a very long time on the bus to perform a 3 hour trip. So, this time when our condo advanced announced a trip to the IP in Biloxi, Sharon mentioned no manner”. But I wished to make a trip so made a reservation just for me. Paid my $15 and was promised $20 in free play.

I once more tried deuces wild in the non smoking space and Ultimate X there additionally. But since the Quick Quads have been close by and tugging at me, I decided to try there one time and then get some fresh air and go searching outdoor earlier than finding a seat and studying a e book I’d introduced along in case the day didn’t go in any respect properly.

About $20 into the $50, I obtained a nice shock after I picked up a nickel royal in the fifth hand for $200 (see picture beneath). I continued to play for a while and when I received down to $201, I cashed it out and stashed the $a hundred invoice the ticket machine gave me within the billfold, folding the $20’s and the $1 and putting it in my pocket for gambling cash.

Probably loved this second longer session at the Quick Quads as much as I enjoyed the primary one with its royal flush. It’s always pleasing to head that voice say quick quads” and even more enjoyable when it says it more than once on the identical hand. Most memorable hand was when I was dealt something like three,three,A,2,X. I tossed the X” and on two of the fingers drew the third three making it three,3,three,2,1 (see hooked up image) and the voice spoke up and said quick quads” twice. Quad three’s were at a premium, making it even nicer than it may have been.

The principal flooring is open and spacious. It appeared to me to comprise fairly a little bit of high limit area (so labeled) and I wandered via them just to see what video poker they may have. As with the remainder of the on line casino, it didn’t have very good payoff schedules – eight/5 JOB and 6/5 Bonus – so I just seemed on the denominations and they mostly started at a dollar and went up from there. There was one space that I didn’t go have a look at that had a snack counter set up and an attendant at a podium close to the entry so it was probably a better” high limit space.