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China is increasingly aggressively building its tourism sector to attract more tourists to visit. In just three years, many new tourist destinations have sprung up including extreme tours.


This type of tourist spot is much loved because it can give its own impression and sensation when it comes to it. Here are some of the most extreme tourist attractions in China!

  1. Coiling Dragon Cliff Skywalk, Tianmen Mountain

Coiling Dragon Cliff Skywalk is the most extreme tourist spot in China which was inaugurated in 2016. Skywalk alias track is available with an altitude of 4,900 feet or about 1,403 meters on the edge of a steep cliff.

The 100-meter glass bridge is located on Tianmen Mountain, Zhangjiajie National Park, Hunan Province. Even more horrifying, the width of the bridge is only 1.6 meters so the movement becomes limited.

However, you will be greeted with a magnificent view below which is surrounded by trees and piles of exotic cliffs. Transparent glass allows you to see directly into the ravine. Dare to try?

  1. Glass Bridge, Zhangjiajie

This glass bridge is predicted as the longest and highest glass bridge in the world. The location is located in the Zhangjiaje Grand Canyon area and connects two cliffs 430 meters away.

About the strength, you don’t need to worry, because the security has been tested. Even every day the bridge is visited by around 8,000 people in turn. From a height of 300 meters, you can enjoy the expanse of green trees that give a sensation of calm and excitement at once.

  1. Guoliang Tunnel, Henan Province

This 1,200 meter tunnel is in the Taihang Mountains, China. After being built for five years, the tunnel was finally opened to the traffic lane in 1977. However, now the Guoliang Tunnel focuses as an extreme tourist spot.

With a width of 4 meters and a height of 5 meters, this tunnel fit a small car like the sedan. Because it is located at an altitude of 1,700 meters, the sensation of horror can clearly be felt by anyone who crosses this path. In fact, Guoliang was dubbed the most dangerous village in China.

  1. Fangweng Restaurant, Hubei Province

Still in touch with cliffs, this time it’s a restaurant that is “nesting” at an altitude. His name is Fangweg Restaurant which is in Happy Valley Xiling Gorge, Hubei Province.

This restaurant is connected to a concrete bridge that hangs on a 30 meter high cliff. In addition to cliffs and trees, this restaurant overlooks the Yangtze River which can add to your eating sensation to be more attractive. The restaurant serves a variety of traditional Chinese food with decorations that add an authentic feel to it.

  1. Floating Walkway, Hongshui River

It was only inaugurated in early 2017, this place immediately stole the attention and became the new belle of tourism in the Bamboo Curtain Country. A 5.13-kilometer floating road is recorded in the Guinness World Record as the longest floating bridge in the world. The location is above the Hongshui River which stretches 54 thousand square meters.

When viewed from above, the shape of this bridge resembles a beautiful butterfly. You will be treated to various entertainment while walking on this path. Among them are water shows from professionals, to lights at night. This place also has a floating swimming pool, aka a swimming pool that is set up above the river, you know. Exciting!

If you are visiting China, five destinations or tourist attractions in China are the most extreme as above, most recommended for visiting. Come on, hurry up for you adrenaline lovers, collect money to get here!