A Budget Travellers Guide to Puri

Welcome to the land, where faith is the path leading to nirvana! Isn’t this the exact belief of all the devotees who flood the city every year, as well as the locals of Puri? Home to Lord Jagannathan, popularly known as the Lord of the Universe, this is the land believed to reaffirm the faith in the existence of a force greater than everything else. You can catch a glimpse of a fluttering red flag signifying the existence of God within, atop the Jagannathan Temple, while walking on the golden sands of one of the most sought-after beaches. This is the city flooded by devotees during the Rath Yatra Festival, to pull the royal chariot of the Lord Subhadra and Balabhadra. This is the land where the Lord enjoys being pampered by sweetmeats as he visits his aunt.

How to Reach Puri?

  • Reaching by air – Puri does not have an airport of its own. Instead, 53 km from the main city, there is the Bhubaneshwar Airport. This is the major connecting point of connect between the religious land and the remaining cities in our country. You can find flights plying to and from the airport, to all major destinations in the country. To reach Puri from the airport, you may either board the local bus or take a cab.
  • Reaching by road – There are numerous ways to reach Puri via road, including taxis and cabs as well as local transport buses. The connecting roads are well – constructed.
  • Reaching by Rail – The railway junction in Puri is the focal point that connects it directly to the remaining parts of our country. Direct train services regularly ply to and from major cities like Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, etc.

Welcome to Puri! – Where to stay?

To get hotel rooms in Puri, you can look into properties like Puri Golden Sands, Nayak Beach Resort, Jamindars Palace Mayfair Heritage Puri. For a budget stay, there are Hotel Pushpa, Hotel Sonar Bangla, Hotel Golden Dust, Jeevan Sandhya Inn, etc.

Tourist Places in Puri

Foreign travellers, Bengali holidaymakers and Hindu pilgrims all are known to regularly make their way to Puri. Especially because of the famous Rath Yatra or to visit the Jagannathan Temple. It is the only shrine of the Almighty, in India, where a mortal, Radha, is present beside the Goddesses Durga, Sati, Lakshmi, and Parvati who are epitomized along with Lord Krishna who is known as the mighty Jagannathan.

Puri has the blessing of having one of the best beaches suitable for a swim – The Puri Beach. This has made the city a highly popular beach resort. Another interesting fact about the beach is that its positioning is such that an individual can view both the sunrise as well as the sunset from a single place. This is a leading factor that boosts Puri Tourism.

This city lying in the Indian state of Odisha is not only well – known for its rich cultural heritage, and the religious sites, but also marijuana (bhaang), which is legal in Shiva’s Puri. Puri is one of the 4 dhams which are considered sacred in the Hindu religion. Situated on the Bay of Bengal, this little religious city also has other major sights and attractive spots that surely steal the heart of any tourist. Some other major attractions of the city include the Chilika Wildlife Sanctuary, the Chilika Lake, Konark Beach, Model Beach, the Sun Temple, Swargdwar, Markandeya Tank, and the Narendra Tank.

Apart from this, it is also a mesmerizingly beautiful tourist destination, which has very well emerged out to become an industrial area. Puri has certain major industries like fish curing, handicrafts and rice milling.

The best part is that the ancient Puri still exists in the stalls lining the mesmerizing beach, in its winding lanes as well as the countless festivals celebrated in the honour of the Almighty. Dominated by positive, heavenly forces, at least 3 days must be set aside by any individual to go around Puri. Book hotel rooms in Puri at great deals. Also, while you are in this holy land, do not miss the great holy food, or the mahaprasad.