Benefit Of Solo Traveling

Sometimes spending time alone is better than spending time following other people’s wishes. Alone does not mean loneliness but fulfilling his own wishes with his own effort and solo traveling is the most appropriate way to make it happen.

Solo travel at least once a year is necessary because the experience given will have an effect on the mental and physical. Still in doubt? These 10 benefits will only be obtained through solo traveling.

1. A deeper acquaintance with your true personality

It’s only ourselves who know us best, but by doing solo traveling it can help to get to know yourself, your capacity, your fears, and the most important thing is self-control.

2. Many friends, lots of knowledge

Stop following the principle of “Do not talk to strangers”! You are a social being, interact with foreigners, especially local people. When you travel with a group the most likely is happening; we only interact to group members. The more you interact with strangers then we will know more.

3. Your life, your responsibility

When traveling alone, you should be able to arrange accommodations, finances, and others themselves. Unlike group travel, you will hang each other, indeed with a group you feel safe, but try again. When there is a mistake you may be unaware of blaming each other.

4. Feel more freedom and peace than ever

When you have succeeded and held on to 3 points, feel more peace and freedom than you ever felt before. Because you feel free to manage your time that just adjusts your own activities and capacities. Follow and fulfill your wishes with full responsibility.

5. No more sense of loneliness

Who says the roads alone will make you feel lonely? It’s the quietness you feel. There are always unique things that happen to be remembered, laughed at and told. Imagine if you meet another solo traveler and you run 2 points, then you become more familiar, of course telling the experience of different areas is always fun.

6. Face your fears, fear is a barrier!

Everyone must have fear, but when you’re traveling alone nothing will help you to hide you from the fear. The only thing you can do is face the fear. The fear you feel is only a temporary fear.

7. Do everything! No one knows you here

You are who you are, be yourself. Do everything you want with full responsibility, no need to worry about the judgment of others. No one knows you. Express yourself, skip borders.

8. Financial management with all the predictions

By solo traveling, you will more easily manage your finances. The hotels, the food, even the tourist attractions, are all like without the need to worry about disappointing others. Your money is the result of your own effort and gift yourself with it.

9. Shyness? Get lost and hungry

When travel there must always be a problem to be faced, whether it’s a small or big problem. Decision making and interacting with strangers to find out more information on troubleshooting should be done. That is, you have to be confident. Silence is not a solution.

10. “Thank God” – is a word that will be spoken often

By visiting and knowing the various circumstances, you will be more grateful for what you have in the end. You will feel luckier though not all your luggage is a luxury, but you are rich in experience.