Guwahati is the oldest and the most well-known city of Assam, also popularised as the “City of Temples”. The rapid urbanization and development, along with the natural bounty that the city is bestowed with, makes Guwahati a chosen touristy destination. If you haven’t already had the privilege of touring around the city, now is the time. Book yourself cheap domestic flight tickets to Guwahati with You would be able to avail domestic flight tickets at lowest fares, as well as mind-boggling discounts and offers by booking them online with  Until you’re there, let’s take you through a virtual tour around Guwahati.

  1. Assam State Zoo

For the wildlife enthusiasts, the Assam State Zoo, also known as the Guwahati Zoo could be the best place to be in. The zoo cum botanical garden spreads across 130 hectares of land with a myriad wildlife that includes the rarest of the rare species of white-tigers, rhinoceros, leopards and swamp tapirs, as also a wide variety of flora and fauna.

  1. Brahmaputra River Side

The most scenic view that you may get of the city lies across the raging River Brahmaputra. You could plan your day from dawn to dusk around the beautifully landscaped locations. Boating, cycling, morning walks, evening strolls, camping around the river-side, swimming (only if you’re an expert) are some of the many activities you can enjoy along the river-side.

  1. Café Hendrix

The café is a buzzing spot for the youth and the music-lovers. Apart from serving scrumptious delicacies, Café Hendrix is a haven for aspiring musicians who could showcase their talent by having live performances there. The ambience is lit up during the evenings and has a romantic and cosy edge to it. You wouldn’t mind going to this place more than once.

  1. Deepor Beel(Dipor Bil)

Deepor Beel is the largest fresh-water lake in Guwahati, and was a former channel of River Brahmaputra. This lake represents wetland area under Burma Monsoon Forest biographic region.  Apart from being a beautiful sight, there’s also a sanctuary adjoining the lake which has the most exotic variety of flora and fauna. Several migratory birds come to seek shelter in this sanctuary during winters. Bird-watching can’t get better elsewhere.

  1. Fancy Bazaar

It wouldn’t be wrong to call this place the “Shopper’s Paradise”. The most popular shopping space in Guwahati has a lot to offer which include traditional Assamese sarees, branded garments from exclusive brands, beautiful accessories, colourful and artistic merchandises. You could shop from local markets or from the fancy mall outlets, and buy yourself all you want. There are also some lip-smacking delicacies that you could relish while you’re shopping to your heart’s content.

  1. Guwahati Planetarium

For the aspiring astronauts and curious intellectuals, Guwahati Planetarium is the answer to their never-ending, exponentially increasing questions. The dome-shaped planetarium organizes several seminars and workshops on a regular basis, apart from the sky-watching sessions that are held daily. Special shows are organized during phenomenal occurrences like eclipses.

  1. Indira Gandhi Athletic Stadium

Indira Gandhi Athletic Stadium is the most popular stadium in Assam where several athletic events and football matches are held, the latest and the most celebrated being the FIFA U17 World Cup, which India had hosted. It’s a well-kept stadium that can accommodate 35,000 people at a time. You may want to book yourself a ticket to one of the matches or events, if any, during the time of your visit to the city.

  1. Umananda Temple

This beautiful temple is located atop a mountain named Bhasmacala, amidst the Brahmaputra River on the Peacock Island. This temple is an abode to Lord Shiva and is a favourite amongst the devotees for the mythology associated with it. The location of the temple, being surrounded by the mountains, with a ricer-view makes it a popular tourist spot. One may take a ferry to get to the temple which definitely is a joy-ride.  This could be one of the best experiences in this simple, yet beautiful “City of Temples”.

There’s a lot more to Guwahati than has been spoken about. It would be a great idea to take an escapade to the city to explore the city for the freshness it imparts. Without much ado, book cheap flight tickets from your residential city to Guwahati on The cheap flight fares coupled with great deals and discounts makes the go-to place for online domestic travel booking. Go Guwa!

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