Like men, many women like playing video games, watching detective serials and movies. So many of these women are also interested in playing escape games. While there are many escape rooms in Edmonton, the ownership of these escape games, design, business model and other features will differ significantly. One of the main difference in the escape rooms is the level of privacy for the escape rooms. While in some rooms, anyone can book a game in a particular time slot if it is not full, in other cases, like Escape Hour all escape rooms are private. For these private rooms, the person who books the particular time slot, can bring his friends, family members, no one else can use that specific time slot.

Escape Hour

Typically each escape game is designed for a maximum of nine players, and often the group will only have two or three players. So to maximize the revenues, the owner will allow others to book a game in the same time slot. This can be inconvenient if the group consists of one or more ladies. Many women are not comfortable working together with men who are complete strangers. Since team work is one of the main factors determining the group success, this discomfort will adversely affect the performance of the group. In some cases, the men who are strangers may misbehave with the women in the group.

Additionally many of the escape rooms are dimly lit to add to mystery and ambience of the room, make it an immersive experience. While women may not mind spending time with their family members, if they are asked to spend time with strangers in a room without proper illumination they may object due to the fear of molestation or groping. Hence women who are planning to play escape games should specifically ask for private escape rooms like Escape Hour. When a group will book the quest room at Escape Hour, only the members of the group will be allocated the room for the time slot, no one else will use the room,

So when the Calgary locker room of Escape Hour is booked for an escape game, the women members of the group can be sure that they will only spend time with family members or people they have met either socially or professionally earlier. So they can be assured that no one will misbehave or create any problems for them, though they are spending one hour together in the escape room. So Edmonton and Calgary Escape Hour facilities are highly recommended for groups with women.