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Her development started in 1930 but the Great Depression halted it for 3 years. During that time, Cunard Line and White Star Line merged to kind Cunard White Star. Construction resumed with a grant from the British Government. Her 200,000 horsepower turbines captured the title as World’s Fastest Ship, a title she held for over fourteen years. Her important rival was the SS Normandie. The two ships constantly battled for market control until the Normandie’s destruction during World War 2. The Queen Mary went on to function a troop transport, and on one occasion unintentionally rammed and sank her cruiser escort.

She grew to become the world’s largest liner solely after the lack of the RMS Queen Elizabeth. Built in 1962, she was thought-about the last of the transatlantic superships. She served till 1974 when she was mothballed. After exchanging house owners several times she was finally recommissioned as SS Norway, a cruise ship. She served until 2004 and scrapped in 2008.

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My point here is not to criticize this further commercial activity but relatively to explain the process. While there are plenty of opportunities and inducements to get passengers to spend money, I discovered much less direct sales strain than I encounter in a regular store at residence. All of the staff went out of their method to be polite and put passenger comfort first so I by no means felt any pressure to buy something.