3 New Google Maps Features You’ll Want to Try Out

Google Maps added several new features to its app that you’ll be able to use in the coming weeks on iOS and Android. The latest update will be more useful in providing you with the best route to take while traveling on a bicycle, and also can alert you when a friend or relative arrived at a location safely.

Keep reading to see what the newest features are, as well as six lesser-known features we recommend trying to help make it easier to arrive at your destination. For more, discover hidden Google Maps tricks for travelers.

New: Get alerts on Google Maps when friends arrive at or leave a location

Google added a new feature to its Maps app that notifies you when a friend or relative arrives at or leaves a specified location. For instance, if you’re waiting on your friend to meet you at a concert,

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Tesla enables paid charging at Destination Chargers, but there’s a catch

Tesla is enabling paid charging at Destination Chargers, which have generally been free up to this point, but there’s a catch: You have to have at least six Wall Connectors to be able to set pricing at your Destination Charger location.

The automaker operates two different charging networks. While Tesla’s Supercharger network is made of DC fast-charging stations for long-distance driving, the Destination Charging network consists of level 2 chargers, more specifically the Tesla Wall Connector, mostly installed at restaurants and hotels to charge once Tesla owners arrive at their destination , hence the name.

in 2020, Electrek reported that Tesla upgraded Destination Chargers with Gen 3 Wall Connectors, and the automaker told property owners that it would enable paid charging with this new generation charger.

For the most part, Tesla’s Destination Charging locations have been free with the only requirement at some places being that you be a customer

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Honeymoon Special Tours Packages In India

HoneymoonThe Resort at Pedregal – Located in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, this property boasts rooms outfitted with personal sizzling tubs overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

We’ve won over 200 awards for our holidays and distinctive service, many for our Honeymoon packages, together with The Readers Choice Award on the 2015 Brides Magazine Awards. So go to one of our stores, enjoy a glass of Champagne and we’ll present you why. Please fee this text utilizing the scale beneath. The scale is from 1 to 10, the place 10 is one of the best and 1 is the worst. Built atop scrub-covered bluffs on the southwest tip of far-flung Kangaroo Island, this isn’t your typical romantic retreat. The cliffside restaurant El Farall√≥n, with its divine sundown views, makes for an unforgettable date evening.

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