Would you like to go to a tropical paradise after a long trip around the Australian Continent? Found low cost flights to Australia but not sure what to do when you get there? Have you ever dreamed in your life to go diving in the Great Barrier Reef? It doesn’t matter if it’s winter or summer, you will be just fine.

If you are going to fly into the “Whitsundays Islands”, you have to book a window seat. The views are simply great. There are two airports that serve this lovely place: the “Great Barrier Reef Airport (HTI)” on Hamilton Island and the “Whitsunday Coast Airport (PPP)” in the city of Proserpine, near Airlie Beach.

The “Whitsundays Islands” archipelago is located in the northeast of Australia, in Queensland region, world famous for its coastline, beaches and surfing. Many islands are protected and the best way to visit them is sailing.

Most boats and sailboats offer day tours or all included packages spending one or two nights in the open sea. Every tour includes snorkelling in the beautiful coral with an enviable ecosystem.

Daydream Island, Hook Island, Hamilton Island, Long Island are just some of the beautiful islands that can be visited, but the “MUST-SEE” of this archipelago is the famous “Whitehaven Beach”, a 7 km long white sandy beach, reaching, in 2014, the 5th position in the “Top 10 Beaches” ranking all over the world. Swimming in its waters and walking down the beach, admiring the view, is unforgettable.

In Airlie Beach, for those who choose to stay on land and at an affordable price, you can book any type of tourist service: from plane tours and cruises to an unforgettable trip to the “Great Barrier Reef”.

If you won the lottery and you can afford a stay at the exclusive “Hayman Island” Resort, do not hesitate to take the helicopter service to reach the island.

And if the landscape is not enough … Who wouldn’t like to lie on the beach with a kangaroo leaping around? Yes, in the “Whitsundays Islands” everything is possible.