The world is going crazy over scratch off maps with some people owning more than one, some in competition with their friends on who owns the best one and others trying to control themselves and not scratch off the entire foil in one go. Anyone who loves to travel either owns a scratch map or wants to own one. There are scratch maps ranging from extra-large A0 size to the more compact travel friendly size to cater to needs of different travellers. Luckies of London have not just dusted their hands off after introducing the world to this great concept; they are still working hard on it.

Scratch Map Travel For Globetrotters Who Love Cute Things: Are you someone who has an unknown appeal to things in minuscule or small sizes? Is your suitcase on the journey back usually filled to the brim with tiny cute things that you found roaming the markets? Well we don’t have a minuscule travel map for you, after all what good will it do when you can’t even distinguish the countries. But we do have a small compact travel map of the world by Luckies of London aka Scratch Map Travel. This mini scratch off map has the dimensions of 42 x 29.7 cm and is an embodiment of good things come in small packages.

  • Simple Yet Beautiful:This scratch off map comes with a white glossy background with gold foil covering the top of the map. Vibrant shades of red, green, orange, yellow and blue fill up the countries once you scratch off the top layer to reveal where you have been to on your globetrotting.
  • Jazzy Gift Tube:If you are wondering how on earth are you going to keep this travel map safe if you take it with on your travel, don’t worry. This comes with its own sturdy gift tube in an extremely groovy design along with a baggage tag to make sure you never lose your beautiful map in the hustle and bustle of moving around.
  • Map For Plotting: Once you flip the scratch map over, you will be delighted to discover a white blank map of world, all free for you to plot your next globetrotting adventure. Not only this, it also includes some funny travel etiquettes, place to note down your favourite music and places on a trip along with some before and after photo fun.


Summary: Scratch Map Travel is a small, compact and handy travel map to keep with you as you travel around the world.

Author Bio: Diana Fields is a mathematician working as a data analyst who has a crazy hobby of collecting cute things.