Agriturismo means somehow country life. The love for country life is a phenomenon that is expanding everywhere, both for economic savings and for the distance from urban frenzy. The agriturismo, therefore, has a tendency.
But what is the reason for the agriturismo trend? The answer is simpler than expected: the holiday in a farmhouse offers many solutions that meet all your needs: from low-cost holidays to charming rest and this is the second proposition that in recent years has attracted more and more people to this type of accommodation For their holidays.

From gastronomy to wellness: the reasons for an evolution

Until recently, the consumer associates the agriturismo with a modest holiday idea, based on a very simple hospitality, far from hotel accomodation. The price was modest, as did the included amenities; in return the tourist enjoyed a beautiful landscape and excellent local dishes.
Today the concept of agriturismo has extended its meaning and has also come to include locations of great value and historical value (vintage villas, palaces, etc.). Today customer can enjoy a whole range of services that go beyond food and are: the presence of swimming pools and gyms, spa areas and the places totally dedicated to “wellness”.
In essence, we could say that today  consumers are increasingly looking for the luxury hotel. The simple concept of holiday, therefore, is made to savor the tastes and traditions of rural life. Today the consumer wants more: a five-star hotel in the middle of the countryside!

Holiday in farm holidays: a unique experience

The agriturismo arises from a tourist’s demand that pushes him to seek peace and tranquility, to avoid overcrowded places and holidays that are too close to everyday life in the city. To last for a long time the agriturismo must be able to satisfy the needs of the client: from gastronomic, to artistic and naturalistic, to that of physical and mental well-being. The tourist chooses according to the offer that each farmhouse is able to give and, at the same time, also looks at the owner of the farm, its character and its lifestyle. The success of an agriturismo is in fact the owner’s ability to propose to his guests something unique, a holiday far away from the schemes, an experience to tell once they return to the city. Those who choose the farm in fact want an original holiday, want to experience an authentic experience in peace and quiet.

The holiday in an agriturismo: everyone finds what they are looking for

Depending on the type of farm you choose for your holiday, you will be able to relive the once-used spaces such as the barn, the stable, the kitchens where the cheeses were produced and to give to the guest the opportunity to live a holiday active, sustainable and full of authentic emotions, especially for the younger ones.

In other cases it is possible to live an agriturismo experience as if it were a real luxury hotel. In these cases, the relationship with the history and origins of the place is not privileged, but rather its potential as a chance to enjoy aperitifs at sunset, admiring a breathtaking scenery or relaxing in the pool or sunbathing comfortably and without any disturbance.
In some cases, for the most active and sporting guests, it is also possible to take long walks, hire a bicycle or go horseback riding at the farmhouse. In this way the tourist has the opportunity to reconcile relaxation and desire for adventure and contact with nature.