One of the most important parts of a car is the brake system. If you have a car, and drive a vehicle, then you must know stuff about the brake system. Like how the brakes work, and how the different parts fit in.

This will not only allow you to fix the car yourself, if you encounter some minor problems with your brakes, but also allow you to be more knowledgeable regarding any upgrades or changes you make to the brake system.


Brake Discs ( Brake Calipers)

Just like the backbone of the body, brake disks are the central piece of the brake system.

They are like huge hydraulic locks. When the brakes are applied, it increases the amount of brake fluid, which in turn makes the brake discs push out 1 or more pistons outwards towards the rotor surface, which creates friction and makes the wheel stop. When the feet are lifted off the brakes, the brake fluid pressure is decreased, and thus the brake discs return to their normal condition.

However, after a time, and due to exposure to dust, heat, and other contaminations, brake disks do become damaged and in need of replace.

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Brake Shoes And Pads

They are manufactured in a variety of types including metallic, ceramic, and semi-metallic, depending on your driving needs and vehicle type.

Brake Pads are rubbed against a drum which generates friction to help decrease the speed of the vehicle when the brake is applied. Therefore, they should be checked on a regular basis and replaced if their condition has gotten worse. Because, if they arrive at the worst position when there’s metal to metal contact because it has all rubbed off, then it would be much more costly.


Brake Rotors And Drums

They are the stuff that brake pads and shoes collide against. And they are attached to the wheel of your car. They must constantly withstand rubbing, pressure, and heat. As well as withstand endless interaction with dirt and water. Therefore, you should also make sure that they are in good condition, and replace them if they get in bad shape.


Brake Fluid

This is the fluid that makes the brake system work. It lubricates the whole system, getting rid of excess heat, and therefore it is vital to the brake system.

Before any long trip, you should add brake fluid in the vehicle, and then go on the journey. As well as check it on a regular basis.


So, these were all some of the most important parts of a brake. If you need to know further about the brake system and its components, you should try browsing the rest of the website, as well as search elsewhere on the Internet.